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TOWNBLOCKS is a 23 piece open ended block set that breaks stereotypes of what a toy for a child looks like. Great for cognitive flexibility, spatial understanding, & creative play.
Watch you little ones spin exciting stories & be transported into magical worlds.
Enhances communication sills & imaginative play that are essential in early childhood for a wholesome future life.
Engage with your child in productive play time with this modern & original block set.
Unlimited play possibilities

It is modern, elegant & has the same play appeal for children & grown-ups alike.




   Hand-Eye          Communication        Spatial 
Co-ordination        Development        Learning 

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Do you design these toys yourself?

Yes, as trained designers, we believe in the process of design. We start with an idea which becomes a sketch. We ideate further over CAD drawings, test out prototypes before we build our toys.

Do the toys have sharp edges ?

We design our toys to ensure kid-safe edges and manufacture our toys under our exacting supervision to ensure toys that allow safe play. Additionally, our toys are tested as per stringent toy testing standards in accredited labs.

Is the paint on the toys safe for kids ?

We use non-toxic paints & water based finishes. Our toys are tested by globally recognized labs.We have 2 young kids of our own & understand how important it is to have toys that are not dangerous if mouthed.

Are wooden toys sturdy? Will they break?

While we carefully select all our raw material & ensure there are no defects, wood responds to moisture, air, humidity as it’s a living material. Wood is a natural material & not indestructible. While our toys are sturdy, showing them some love & gentle care will make them last longer.